From C major to d minor *

Come love, whence in music
We are so stuck, deep,
Let's swing, from C major
To C sharp, and then to d minor,
Come let's swing by the tune
As she comes like breeze
Over our seas, oceans, rivers and dunes,
Come let's swing taken by the air,
Music flowing through you and me, fair,
Come love let's go swinging from end to end
Come let's toss and tremble , taking the road
Where it goes straight, where also it bends,

Come love, Beau mine , so filled
With love whence , let's swing as leaves
Do,  touched by the softest Loveliest breeze,
Come , love, let's swing, like fairies do,
Catching dews nascent , ethereal things,
Come love let's swing without cease,
So blown by the air fragrant, as us it doth tease.

(*Note: upon a graphical card loosely based as attached, courtesy : Sam Carlo)


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