Just down the road , near that flower shop*

Just down that flower shop
Oft would I go,( sometimes do
Also I stop, )
There where the road went straight
To the terminus,
Oft I would go,

The city had all its treasure there
Somewhat stored up,
A big post Oriental
There hangs round the year
Cinematic poster,

With seasons
New arrivals come
Posters also not
Remain the same,

In my childhood
Seen there
From that post
Hanging muted shows
Of Charles Chaplin,
The City light,

There also a few paces away
The vendors throng,

In my boyhood
Bought so many paper backs
From them,
Enid Blytons,

In my adolescence
From that post fluttering
Just round that corner
Had seen Demi Moore
First time
Doing a tease,

All there on the road,

Just round that corner
By the flower shop,

In my college days
We perhaps used to hang out there,
Catching pollens in spring
And flowers more in late winter,
Dahlia, Roses,

We had pocketful
Of them,
In exchange of coins
Bought once
The first compact disc
Red hot chili peppers,
Metal hard,

would I go there, oft,
If chances permit,

Just near that flower shop
Would I go oft
To see the city
In new avatar,

Old post there
Made of gunmetal
Polished like silver
Still stands there,
With poster
From it.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done by Pavel Mitkov; courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista, Art without Limits series)


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