When the Spring will come*

When the Spring will come
Will you stay at home,
And see how the day
Passes through to night
Without sensing it,

If you ask me,
I will take you down
Far away, love, far away
From the town
Where the colors erupt
In joyous laughter
In every tree , every leaf
Every bud, every flower
Where comes dyed
In varied Hues,
I will there take you,
And make you feel
How spring comes
In me to fill
All spaces vacant
With wonderous calm
Its setting how makes
Every little thing full of love,
If you ask me,
I will just take you there,
Unconfined, unchained,
We will catch the road
Treading soft on petals
Under our feet,
I will take you there,
To make you feel misty ether
Drawing sketches upon your skin
Upon my face where the air
Caresses love, I will take you
There, to the unlimited choice
Of finding in country , how Joys
Of our living come in proper shapes
I will , when the spring comes, drape
You with magnificence, splendour,

When the spring will come
Will you just stay at home.

(*Note : upon a painting, loosely based, as attached, courtesy : Bob Ross )


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