At a little street*

At a little street, *

At a little street, somewhere at Venice,
Two sailors there once did meet,
They talked about their voyages,
To places exotic,
At a little street at Venice,

It was perhaps a beautiful morn,
They have arrived again to the town,
Their home for Poetry,
Their home for telling stories,
Meeting people, singing songs,
Their going away for nights long,
Into the seas, oceans and rivers,
Rivulets running through them,
Their journeys to forms of art, forever,

Two sailors, there once did meet,
At a little street, perhaps, at Venice.

They said to one another as they did greet,
They could live only for meeting at their little street,
La calle di Venezia,
Where little boats do haply ply,
Where gondolas for them with songs fly,
Where little princes meet their princesses true,
Where love in the air, all summers blew,
Two sailors , right there at the street
Sang songs for each other, as they did meet.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached; courtesy : Loredana Lombardo)


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