Where the green and yellow leaves glow*

Where the green and yellow
Banners of leaves by the morn glow
How oft I to that painted scape go,
Finding songs of thrush, woodpecker's rhyme,
How there oft I find those blessed time
Whence you and I were like little kids,
How there oft the morning us greets,
The valleys filled with songs of birds,
Green which we find us more as we pass,
Through that undulating country road
How there we sang once with ease full throat,
There where flowers hang from trees welcoming us two
There where on leaves we caught volatile dew,
Glittering in light like drops of little spherical shapes,
How in the valley once we saw how love us draped
With light of melody claiming our souls,
How there we filled our thirsty hearts' bowls,

Where the green and yellow
Banners of leaves glow
How oft to that painted scape I go.

(  *Note: loosely based on a painting as attached, done by Karen Winters)


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