Ode To Minerva *

Ode To Minerva*

If Thou be the source of Light
As Thou shone upon every sage,
Who had tried to see You,
Through the mist and haze,
Come, Minerva,
If Thou hath made stop
The advancement of Martian God,
Putting at rest, The Sense of conflicts,
Come , You, the messenger of Peace,
As Thou hath once shone,
Upon Pax, helping her,
To get the shade and shelter,
In thy sweet Refuge, where
Every one , can get the sleep, encumbered,
With Joys and happiness immemorial,

Come, Minerva,
The Goddess Wise,
As Thou hath giveth a rise,
Of a Beauty of Innocence
And Calmed heart, a love drenched Sense,
In works of artists, poets,
Writers, philosophers,
Who had always tried to grasp,
What is the meaning of Thy abundance, thy depth,
Thy sight,
Come , You,
Love like,
Onto me,
And all who just want
To create a world
Wrapped in love and Poesy.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done with great artistry by Peter Paul Rubens, featuring Minerva, Pax, Mars and others.)


  1. Extraordinary! I loved it Mr. Moinak Dutta.

  2. Thank you, love n gratitude n regards , Nandita Samanta :-)


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