La Paix*

La paix *

Once given to Thee,
My heart and soul,
Pax, how i again
Find Thou,
Just before
All were sent to embrace
Sleep, being so,
Thou the Goddess
Of my Worship,

How is it
In several forms
Thou i find,
Some clear ,
Painted and sculpted
Some not even dated
Only as if a canvas
Not measured by any means,

Carbon dating where
Even failed to ascertain
How You art so carried
As if a Grand Event
Of yesteryears,

How is it,
Thy crowning glory
Remains so
That me, a little
Mortal with
Canst even find
Who hath so created Thee,
Which event beautiful
Of You, we can see,
In covers, frescos,
Like a celebrated Myth,

How is it,
Thou hath remained
So beautiful
Yet so unraveled.

(*Note: upon a painting as attached, which is found on a cover of a book, though the painting is undated, and no proper information with regard to the painter is established.
Some art critics assign the painting to one French painter, while Pax being a greco-roman GODDESS, it is often assumed that the painting might be done by artists who worked on frescos and Roman gods and goddesses .)


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