Song (Cantares)*

Wine, passion, guitar and poems
Give birth of songs of my lands,
Who sings that song, sings Andaluci`a,

In old vineyards' fresh shades
The gypsy boy is almost enlivening,
That is what is filled with love, that wrenches hearts,

The girl's lips has songs and the weepings of guitar,
Stillness of time passes, hour by hour,
The last rays of the dying sun's Grace,

Leave away that life which has gone a way,
And at the end, tell me, what is life?
With pains it sings, to erase all pains,

Mother, agonies, destiny, pains, Mother, death,
The dark eyes, darkened shapes, dark fate,
Which emancipated man from mere man,

Cantares, Cantares of my lands,
Cantares, only of Andaluci`a,
All songs stop there, in my guitar.

(*Note: the picture attached is a photographic representation of a poem, written in Spanish, by Manuel Machado;the Bengali rendition of the same was done by Anindita Ray. The poem in Spanish and the bengali translation were  published in "El Camino", numero 14, January 2008.
This transliteration should be taken as my humble tribute to Manuel Machado, the great Spanish folk singer and  poet who was born in 1874. Machado also wrote some poetic plays with his brother Antonio. Manuel Machado also became a distinguished member of Royal Academy de la lingua .)


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