On a breezy breezy day, at the bay*

A breezy breezy day*

On a breezy breezy day
Quite near the bay
Once we arrived,

The Palm trees two
How being caressed by the breeze
Tossed their heads, without cease

A boat not so far away
With its sails white
Being so freed,
How moved quite,

We sat on the grass
Like hoppers do
With a book of poems,
As if to get the proper cue

Of a breezy breezy day,
So blowing all a way
We arrived quiet
At the margin of a Bay,

The Palm trees two
How sweet tossed their heads,
And on the grassy land
We made our bed,

Lying there, we
Gathered all the poems
That we left
On pages of life, the same,

On a breezy breezy day,
How we passed the time
As if we are, on a summer holiday.

(*Note: the painting as attached is purportedly used to beautify the scribbling/poem.
Artist : Lori Mcnomara)


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