Saturday, May 21, 2016

At the feet of Hills*

At that feet of hills*

At that feet of the hills
We would live, love,
Where in a cottage we would
Make the serene felt,
With songs of birds we would awake,
With nightingales and Philomela
We would go to sleep,

There, at the feet of tranquil hills
We would our love's Beauty feel,
There we would make do our wishes
To come true, by the songs of crickets
Running from bushes and hedges
Of myrtles and butter cups,
There we would hold our Love, aloft,

We would go by singing as sings the bird
Upon waking seeing the lucid Joy
Of Mother nature's limitless love
We would build there our nest, like a cove,
There we would Peace proclaim as do the doves,

We would there feel the drops of dew
Falling through the ether, upon leaves few,

There we would whisper tunes rhythmic
To each other's ears, filled by magic,

There we would breed bees and Honeycombs
Would there hang from trees,

There we would find us , blessed as we.

(*Note: upon a painting,loosely based, as attached, titled " il sentiero", courtesy : Alex Artista, Art without Limits series)

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