Donna della notte*

Often whence I look at the night sky
Sitting just by thy side, You the woman
Of my dream, like glowworms whence
The stars twinkling far away from us,
(Between our daily communion of souls,)
Come down descending in our poetic prose,

How then I find more words threading
Through the air,
How then,  oft do i, thou visualise, in forms shapeless,
How then,  I oft,   to reach Thee, in painted forms, do trace,
The ways of our journeys, voyages to the unknown,
How sitting by thy side, leave i seeds of poems sown,

Till all go catching the night's soothing breeze,
Till, we, by love of ours, with the silvery flakes, tease,
Our own words to evoke more imagery
Of life and love, fused,
Till, we , by our passion of wakeful dreams, find how dews
Form gently on blades of leaves, touched by the cool
Ether that stays betwixt us , thin, forming a space,
That only can the moment properly hold, like music timeless,

Till we together make a difference to the World
And to us , till we make again a commitment,
To keep still our paints, words, poems,

Till we together go making a Beauty
That could stay, long after the moment will go,
Long after we will there be not, no more.

(*Note: the title means "woman of the night",
The painting/mixed media attached herewith is for Beautification of the poem/scribbling, done by Deviantart, courtesy: Selenada, )


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