Ode To Chloris*

Ode To Chloris*

Whence the awakening of Flora
Do i see, or Purcell's Nymphs
Whence come down to us,
As through days of Poetry and paintings
Do i with indolence pass,
How i think of You , as Chloris,
And your festival eternal
Of Spring forming in Hearts do I sing,
Like a painted form of Flora,
How you Beauty of a morning bring,
And songs do how create more
Of songs to outpour,
O You The Creature angelic
How i see at the Door,
As Flowers do wake up
With the wakings of Spring and Iove,
How You I see, standing there
Carried to me, out of canvas,
By thy lover, The Winged form, Zephyr,

With flowers so decked,
How You days lighted You make,
By the hint of light,
As if Thy existence gets fused
With the birth of a day , bright.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached; courtesy : Alex Artista, Art without Limits series, Musica Pittura e Dintorni.
#Zephyr: the God of Wind/breeze
#Floralia: festival of spring
#Purcell: Henry Purcell,
#AwakeningofFlora : a ballet
#Chloris: GODDESS of Flowers, Spring and Fertility, Flora, )


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