How oft following thy tune i go*

How oft following thy tune i go,
To lands where i have never been,
Only in between my life and so you loving
By worded things wrote a palette filled
By Venetian dreams,
How oft i go to thy place,
Without knowing thy address,
How once wrote a whole story,
Only believing there somewhere
You have lived all through,

You woke up there with smell of
Cheese and wine red and lucid paints
Upon the canvas spread like an island
Never met you , as weakened as dreams,
But see, how only through words and alphabets
Wrote for Thee, a love story,
From there , that port, even moved to deeper things,
What is thy possible origin,
Where do actually i reside,
Why the Tyrrhenian Sea experiences high tide
Along with lows, why the salty breeze
There at Piazza Dante, blows,

Found You , how everywhere, the same,
Buying pans and saucebottles from roadside piccolos,
Walking from the port to the street
Near Mediterranean Cafe`,
Enjoying with a great sip, the chocolate latte,

Then gondolas and gondolier's songs,
And few more lines, to those sea side poles,
And few more for that studio , where portraits were done in minutes,
And few more for that cuddly boy,
Who would go zigzagging the lanes
Playing with a ball, balancing on toes,

How oft following thy tune
I go from one place to another,
As if taken and carried by Ares somehow,
Going following thy rhymes.

(*Note: the painting attached is used to beautify the poem/scribbling.
Courtesy: Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni. )


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