Watching the Sun rising
By the lake, at the feet
Of hills, standing still,
For ages never counted by man,
Is like getting into a sphere,
Where one can only ruminate
Blessed by the calmed feel,

Watching Sun rising
By the lake , at the feet
Of hills, standing still,
For years never imagined by man
Is like being swept away to a different land,
Where only Love arrives to drench
Every one with knowledge of the awesome,

Watching Sunrising
By the lake, where Lotus bloom
Is such a wonder by itself
That one can't move away
From that placid spot,
That one just lingers there
Filling one's heart with the lucid air.

(*Note: the photograph attached is used to accentuate the idea of the poem/scribbling. Photo courtesy: Bina Rajani-Gidwani.)


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