An Ode to The Three *

If Thou be the most favored Three
Erato, Thalia and Calliope,
If Thou hath risen above all the nine,
Who hath made all poets and writers to shine,
Keeping them all Bemused by thy charms,
If Thou hath made all find the Calm
Of writing long ones and the short,
If Thou hath provideth all the lot
To make out what holds true,
In literature, paintings and few
Other forms of art, which had made man
To understand the Eternal, take me to thy Land,
Into that forest where perhaps You three rest,
Into that idyllic setting, where one can only be blessed
By thy Beauty of Poesy never ending,
To that archaic road, take me , sending
Me more of Thy love , thy potence,
Make me feel that Godly Sense,
That had caused deluge in many,

If Thou three art the cause behind song and litany,
Prithee, make me to work more for thy presence,
Take me to that poetic form abstract yet dense,

So that, not by only invoking You three,
I keep myself lied down, doing nothing, at the Lea,
But do I keep on working more to find thy source
Where from wilt i, being bestowed by Thee,
Poetry upon me, wilt row forever in search of Thy shores,

Unwearied, wilt i by thy grace
Wilt only Beauty of music Thine wilt trace,
In every word, every form of Art,
Pray You help me find that wonderous spurt,
Making me lines lyrically sublime,
Only left for You three, more of lines,

As found many before me, famous and not so famed,
As found by poets known and not known by names,
As found by painters and sculptors too,
Pray You three, as Simon found proper You,
In his paintings with sometimes together
Sometimes separate,
prithee, make me find that stupendous, mesmerized State,

So that I can put myself fully at thy mercy inspiring
So that more of Poetry can me to the world bring,
So that, can I sing more, being so moved by thy sight,
So that, can I take a plunge sure into thy heavenly Light,

And not end up feeling famished or decadent,
Prithee, to that Arcadia , me be by thy bless sent,
Where only can I be left to worship Thee,
O You sisters of Creation artful and Divine Poesy!

(*Note : the painting attached is used to decorate this poem , written as an Ode to the Three Muses who are considered the most sacred out of the Nine Muses.)


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