A few hundred years since today*

After few hundred years since today*

After hundred years few,
Isabel, if someone will try to view
How we have spent our days,
What i did, and what you did say,
What painted landscape, la amore
You tried to put across, breaking
All barriers of countries, nations,
Love mine, what that one reviewer do,

Have we, tell me, love, left anything as cue,
All those letters, poems, mine, billet doux,
And your all paintings, as you have learnt,
Do that one will find , do that one will dig,

Time, is such a controversial, lsabel,
That, see, even after so many years,
I go to you, repeatedly, your origin,
Our town, Port Alba, your smiles,
How I go there oft, as if walking a few thousand miles, which never makes me weary,

Can you see, Diva mine,

How things keep coming back,
To us, our poetic journeys to
Find what is life and love,

A few hundred years from today,
If someone will care to do a review
Of our works, my writes, my dreams,
And your paintings, your queries, your search
Will that one, really find us,

Tell me, la amore,
As we have so passed
Our nights,
Our days.

(*Note: the painting attached is used to help the thematic context of the poem/scribbling.
Courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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