With the days gone a taking the road*

With the days gone a taking
The road to the faraway town
As if there we are going to making
A new day upon us breaking,

Come , my sailor man sweet,
Together, we make for us a treat,
You will sing for your love,
Whom you have left at the shore,
I will play my fingers, sure,
On the reeds , mine,

Come, boatman friend ,
Now that all days gone to the town
To make a merriment for them,
Come, you, Love, sit beside me,
I will write for you, a poem,

You will then put rhyme
To it, to make it a song,
I will catch thy Rhythm,
And make You, a lyric long,

Come, ferry man mine,
Whence the day is so filled
With Thy friendly smile,
Come, let's sing again,
That Auld lang syne.

(*Note : loosely based upon a painting as attached, done by Marko Movrovich, Courtesy : Alex Artista, )


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