The Girl with a Flowing Cape*

The girl with a flowing cape*

Once, found thou, in Flowing cape,
With flowers upon thee, as draped
In softest Hues of Spring, O my muse,
How you keep, all things in Thee,
My songs, unspoken words, my poetry,

How oft I go down walking
That alley where you first had I
Found in front of a flower shop,
Standing, (buying perhaps a bouquet or two, ) what a lovely
Find, Thou, sending tunes to my heart
And to my drenched, filled, wet mind,
How oft, Thee I find,
You the girl with a flowing cape,
And with flowers as if drapes,
From thy bun, hanging idle,
A few stringed blossoms, as settled,
O You, my light, my candle, my mettle,
You, the girl with a flowing cape,
Lavender as parfum, from you emanating, You,fairy like, nascent,
As drops of dew on leaves, glittering,

How , once, at that alley, on the town,
You, did I find, the Beauty , of my mind,
With a flowing cape, a few blossoms
Hanging quiet, from thy bun, as if settled.

(*Note: loosely based on a painting, as attached, done by Anna Razumoyskaya, courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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