An evening to remember*

Often we would go to that place
Where the evening's air blow
By that river, that cafe` open air,
There we would sit face to face,
You perhaps in a simple evening dress,
Me also on a simple jacket,
The air there blew soft, the lanterns flickered too
Not many people were there perhaps
Only the River for us to see and view
With Heart's content, never to miss
Your red and slightly pinkish pair
Of supple moist lovely lips,

The tea would there arrive
Coupled with other things ,
A roasted flavour brewing
And the mild noise of cups tinkling,

A few more couples would
Also turn up , in pairs like us,
By the river of ours, flowing
All those enchanting years,

You would take off your gloves,
Tell me by your eyes, sparkling
Like those little stars , above
I would look at you, say a few words
About our days living so quiet
By that river of ours,

The evening would go by smooth
As go the lows and the highs,
You would ask me about the works
Left by me unresolved, like that autumnal
Morning which I had left on a canvas at
Your drawing room some five years back,
Like that little piece of a sculpture
That I had brought from a fair and gave
It away once, a day of spring, in the name
Of our existence , like a poem that I wrote
On your handkerchief, as a token, some
Twenty years ago, which you have still kept,

I would not be amazed by your
Such a devotion to forms of art,
Only I would look at you, your hair
Lips, eyebrows, chin, how they spoke for you
Your mind, your soul, your heart Unseen,

You would also look at me, when the evening
Will get a bit ripe, you will also look at my hands
As by the paper napkin you would , them, softly swipe,

The evening and river then, must be quite
With us mixed, the couples who have arrived late,
Will also be us following,
Soon the place will be agog
With activities varied to say the least,
But you and I will still be there
To let the moon come down
And to let us be, by her music, kissed.

(*Note : the painting as attached , helps the decoration of this poem/scribbling; courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista)


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