Toy shop*

Just where the bus us had dropped
By the road, on the sidewalk, there would be
A lot of shops, of garments, books, stationeries, invariably,
But the best one of the lot, surely would
That beautiful Toy Shop where we stopped and stood,
We, the siblings had that passion the most
To buy little trinkets, ones and twos, of which we did boast,
And there had always been on our visits
To the town, on weekends, just on the street,
A Toy Shop, with a big window glass to show
Different toys, dolls, soldiers, tanks, submarines, guns, arrows,
Bows, drums, packs of cards, board games,
Various items glitzy with various names,

And we there always stopped and stood
Where by the window of the Toy Shop we would brood,

Mother would be trying to take care of us all,
The smallest in her arms, and me, the biggest of all, 
We would look at those toys with open wide eyes
There where they were placed , where in our dreams they lied,

No visit to the town would be of any worth
Had we not to home any Toy from town brought.

(*Note: the painting attached is used to decorate the idea of the poem/scribbling. Courtesy : Thisy Tran, Artist : Benjamin Kennington.)


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