By the Sea*

By the sea, *

By the sea, one morn,
If we get the chance to see,
Seated on a higher ground,
Watching over the expanse
Spread a few thousand miles,
By the sea, if we see,
How the sky descends as if
To meet the waters,
The waves how Lapped up
To touch the lighted benign,
The sky where meets the sea
At a horizontal line,
We will be amazed by the transcendence,
We will perhaps feel in us the sense
Of a permeated Soul,
How light fills the Heart's Bowl,

If we somehow go
To that place,
By sheer trance,
We will surely see,
How the sky dropped colors
On the waters of the Sea,
And that Wonder, will lead us to
wonderment , with which,
to everything, we will do a  view.

(*Note: the photograph attached is Taken by me, for poesy. Courtesy: dolce segreto dell'anima)


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