By the stream, beside those hills*

By the stream, beside those hills,
Prehistoric silence where resides ,
How oft there i go, following trails,
Long forgotten by the civilised,
There how oft I find the chirpings sweet
Of birds singing in melodious tune,
Rapt in attention, how oft there I turn,
Gazing at Thy Beauty, Boundless and awesome,

There how oft I find Nature's prime,
Interfused with living sage like ,
Roads where end, and yet where new beginnings always welcome
One to ponder deep, to make out thy chasms,
So measureless, so unlimited, that one just
Ruminates till poesy comes out,
Flowing through the gate,
Breaking open all bars,
Iron clad warriors where even find sleep,
In dens filled with all encompassing Peace,

There, right there, how I oft see,
Life as tiny as a pebble, rolling in the stream,
Bearing nothing but the shine,
Of waters soothing caressing its life,

There, right there, how oft i go
Only to find ways to find poesy more,
Growing , blossoming in the quiet,
Merged with Thy ethereal Delight.

(*Note: the painting attached is used to decorate the poem/scribbling ; courtesy : Michael Godfrey, Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista)


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