Lake and Hills*

Lake and Hills *

Remembering that sojourn
To that lake where swans came
To bathe at the waters cool
Is like going back to the generation
Of pure Poetry as emancipated
In nature's awesome bounty of BEAUTY, surrounded by hills standing still, silence where came with drops of dew slipping through leaves of trees,
Remembering that sojourn to the lake
Covered all around by the green, is such an amazing feel, that how time goes by, one can never get that count in seconds or minutes or hours,
For time there stands still much like the sombre grace of Nature's lovely charms,
How is it She always remains so
Incorruptible, vigorous despite man's
Charging at her with galloping horse's hoofs of Vain triumphs, smoke and other forms do never change the course of her eternal poetic outpour,

And the more me delves into her,
The more am i struck by her splendour,

Beside that lake , surrounded by hills
For ages, where swans came to bathe in the waters cool , is such a journey to make,
That even after a few passing decades,
The sojourn seems as fresh as the first spell of rains of Love on parched thirsty lips.

(*Note: loosely based on a painting as attached; courtesy : Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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