Sunday, May 29, 2016

All for Bob*

All for Bob*

As it is logwood still burning through the nights,
And as there would be hopefully Georgie too, to fire lights,
We are going sing all through, for Bob
And also for you,

All those who are still thinking there's the chance
For people to do merry and to do a dance,
Burning we would forever be, those logwood
For we got the knowing where with songs we stood,

Everything will not be the same,
All will go through the lane,
Till we will learn to see beyond and above
With love only we will call for the doves,

Those at the Trent  will take their time
To know how we mix with pictures of Hope our lines,

For Bob, we can go a few extra miles,
For you, I can write upon walls only smiles,

The logwood will be burning through the nights
And hopefully Georgie too, will ignite the lights,
We are going to sing from Dawn to dusk, all through,
For we will sing for Bob, for me and You.

(*Note: this poem/scribbling is a humble tribute to Bob Marley, from me.
The opening line of the poem/scribbling is adapted from a Bob Marley song.)

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