Where the Lilies Bloom*

Where the lilies bloom*

Take me there, love,
Where you go,
Giving in
To Greatest show
On earth,
Where lilies on water

Take me there, la amore
Where you go,
Where on waters
You your boat

Take me there,
Where you go,
Every morn,

Finding newer meanings
Of living life,

Take me there,
Giving in
To the breeze
Of the day,
That comes singing
Sweeping you
Take me there,
By the lucid
Joyous air,

Holding me ,
As comes a beautiful day,

For us , another life
On this world,
A Paradise,
Not lost in daily strife,

Take me away
Where poesy and paintings
Join hands to sing
The morning of another day,

Through the waters
Of the lake, we will then row,
Getting more into love
That the Greatest show
For us will bring,

With You, me finding
Always answers and meanings
Of our life, our writes, our passage
Of life,
Filled with love , paints and music.

(*Note: upon a painting, loosely based, as attached, done by Vladimir Gusev; courtesy: Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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