Cornucopia *

What immortal hands and eyes,
Thou had gifted Rubens,
That He worked so relentless
To hold thy abundance,
That he had so touched upon
All that came to his view,

O You, the Art of Poesy
And Divinity so wrought,
What a great creation of Joy,
Thou hath upon him so brought,

In a serene, tranquil, silent, forest,
Where children of primordial Innocence
Played and gathered fruits and vegetables,
Where they wandered into that State-the Truest,
By thy Beauty so , so blessed,
How in search of Thy Beauty,
How i arrive, as if part of Thy Piety,
Upon a scene, personifying,
The horn of a goat,
From which out came,
All that human desire ,
For their own sustenance,
A deep , poetic state of the Prime,
The Incorruptible Innocence,

O You , Rubens,
How You had transmuted the idea
Into an artful creation,
A painted Canvas,
A Love laden  sense.

(*Note: upon a painting based, done by great poesy and imaginative and gifted mind, by Peter Paul Rubens, as attached herewith)


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