In the country side *

In the countryside we would play,
Spending our sweet summer's day,
Getting dirt on our body and feet
With songs we would us treat,
Near that silent cottage small
Where a tree stands near tall,
There we would wear no shoes
We would go by Nature's hues
Catching the morning as it would come
Country people we would surely become,
Running barefeet on the green grass
Years will come and by us haply pass,
We would go singing all the way,
Finding cool shade in the scorching May,
Listening to chirping birds and parakeets,
We would go running through dirt with happy feet,
In the country there would be no end of play
As we would merrily spend our sweet summer day.

(*Note : upon a painting loosely based as attached; courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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