At that port town*

At that port town

Where we first met,
Love, me can never
Ever, forget,

Me went perhaps
Sailing there,
Catching the air
That carries
The essence
Of a voyager,
A traveler,

And how i
Across seas

How i once
There at the shore
There must have been
A pub, where first
Upon reaching
Ordered a glass
Of red red wine,

And you
Like a spirited lass,

Perhaps there too,

Had we exchanged stares?

Had me gotten your scent
From that counter emanating?

Had you flashed a smile,
Had your hair been let loose
To catch the day's Hues?
Or was it braided with flowers
Hanging like maidens usually do?

At the town of a port
How left my boat
Tied and anchored
At the bay,

O it had been
Such a lovely day!

(*Note : upon a painting, loosely based, as attached , done by Marchella Piery; courtesy: Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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