Through the Woods*

Through the woods
Serene and green
Once we walked
To feel upto brim
Of our Love drenched
Heart, and how by treading
Just we got into us
The murmur of leaves
As trees we passed,

The light and shade
Upon us wrote
Curious art,
On our skin
We felt the beam
Of light falling
Through and how
We just walked,
Walked through,

The forest had
The sweet chirps
Of birds and bees
Near Honeycombs
How they hummed,

And we walked,
We walked through just
As hundreds of trees
We haply passed.

(*Note: the photograph attached is Taken by me, for poesy.)


  1. Lovely poetry... Loved it...
    One nagging question... think I shud ask you...

    Did u shoot this photo Moinak...?


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