The trioka of Jazz*

Play on You pipers of music
Whence with You I turn to magic
Of Paintings and poesy so coming together,
Come You, Jazzy blue , come You, Trioka,
You come to make me soar,
Love of your music whence opens my door,

Come Neil, Come Jim, Come Ray,
Take me to your music, your verse, your lays,
There will i make a lyrical tune too,
Come ye, the Kings of Jazz and blue,
Help me make a colored scape , filled with words,
Make me take a plunge, into Your music, inwards,

Play on , you the Lords of tunes,
Take me to your music, your eves and nocturne,
Your piping simmering bursting tinge
Make me take Your potion of passion, a binge,
So that I come out more with lyrics sublime,
Make me, unmake me, take me to make more lines,

Some going slightly trembling, as goes the lead,
Some going grave, bassy, which you, me feed,
Some going sharp, reaching a height of a cliff,
Some going sombre, masculine and deep,

Play on, You pipers of Music ,
Whence with You, trioka, I turn to Magic.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached, done by Jason Gluskin, titled "The Jazz Trio". Courtesy : artpromotive)


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