Friday, May 20, 2016

The Imaginary Man*

The Imaginary Man*

The imaginary man
Lives in imaginary house
Wrapped by imaginary vines
Beside an imaginary River,

From imagined walls hang
Imaginary old pictures
Disjoined cracks upon imagination
Witness to events imaginary
Lives a man imaginary
In an imaginary world
With imagined space and time,

At every imagined twilight
Climbing down the steps
Of imagined ladder , almost leaning
From a balcony,
He watches the beauty of the imagined world,
In that imagined Valley,
Surrounded by imagined hills,

(Then )comes the imagined darkness,
Singing songs imagined,
Through the roads of imagination,
After the setting of the imagined sun,

And at imagined moon lit night,
He dreams of an imagined woman,
(Whom he has proposed through imagination, )
Just to get that beautiful wonderous pain,
To get that same taste of Joys,
To get that same throbbing heart
Of imagined love.

(*Note: the picture /photograph attached is Taken by me, of a poem by Nicanor Parra, the Chilean poet, story teller and essayist, titled "El hombre imaginario"; courtesy : El Camino, numero 14, enero 2008, )

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