For You, i sing*

For You, i sing*

For You, the gondolier,
I sing, rowing across
The canal so grand,
For you, I sing,
Rowing traghetti, yours
Holding thy oars,
For ages,
For you, I sing,
As you row through
The waters , through
Watery maze,
For You,
I sing ,
As you had been ferrying
Through for decades
The king's men, Troubadeurs
Travelers, daisies, maids,

For you I sing,
As sung perhaps
One poet,
Loving your song
For your love,
As sung one
Entwined so
By your songs,
Writing a verse,
In prosaic form,

For you I sing,
Whence you
To the  unknown
Me, doth bring.

(*Note: upon a painting, loosely based as attached, done by Edward Sigaud, 1910-1974;
#traghetti : ferries )


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