Faraway, into the woods*

Faraway into the woods
Where the time stood
Static, once there we got
A morning like this, lured
By the green space, there
We felt perhaps thy bless,
As we heard the sweet chirps
And tweets of cuckoos, Nightingale and several other
Birds which there had gathered,

They all sang in unison, at the
Breaking of a serene morn, they
As if felt our presence too, for
They showed us what we oft missed, in the town, to feel and view, the trees, the streams, the silent sphere, wild berries few,

We thought and thought and lingered there, kissed by the Beauty of a morning so fair,
We looked and looked and made out (as if we were there for that,)
How in Nature, motherly, all
Lived in harmony, as if tied
By a single string of wonder,

We wandered, we walked, we listened, we thought we became
Part of that nature, (as seasoned,)
That continually came to us,
How once in the woods we
The morning tranquil we passed.

(*Note: upon a painting, as attached, loosely based)


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