Ode To The Old Clock of Howrah Station*

Ode To The Clock at Howrah Station*

You had seen it all
When exactly and how
The city saw its first passenger train,
Who had established the railwayline to North,
When did first a book store of Wheelers open,
When first a coffee vending machine made its way,
Who flagged off exact that mail to Moghulsarai, via Burdwan,

Which platform first  was raised by a feet , when that inundation took place in seventy eight,

Who waited underneath You,
And for how many minutes,

How was built the first railway bridge
And how the first passenger got on board,

When first did came the electronic displays,

O , You had seen it all.

(*Note: the picture attached is that of the  grand old clock of the Howrah Station which had been a witness to many events )


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