Child's play*

Oft whence i wander Mother,
Thinking of You and Your wonders,
How i think of You as my Play mate First,
How for You, i live for Poetry just,
How i recall sweet, my good old memories
Of You teaching me so many things,
(As once we played together with little things,)
My first utterance , my first effort
To Walk all alone without support,
My first knowing of the outside world
My first call to thirst and hunger,
My first all things, how You made me learn,
How with your help i pages of books turned,

Then again, we went how playing,
All day long from morn till evening,
You , as my first friend , reliable,
How told me , you Fables and Parables,
You had taught me so many things-
How it rains, what treasure the seasons do bring, what is the written form of a word spelt,
who are Eskimos, how can
the morning's joys be properly felt,
Why do tides occur, who is the first man
To go to the sea to discover a new land,
Who invented the fountain pen,
How to live with happiness, what is the loss, why we lose all, all in Vain,
Who made the first declaration
To stop Civil War, making a shout loud,
What are  love and life and smile all about,

Then , again, how oft i find Thee,
Playing, (with little things,) with me.

(*Note: loosely based on a painting as attached , done by Pierre-Augusta Renoir, 1895,)


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