Through You, all through*

Through You , all through*

Through You, all through
How me finds me and love, You,
How in Your songs, i go away
To up there, where we all belong,
How in Your writes, me finds Sunny morns, bright,
How in words Thine, me goes to where , You reach me, like offerings of flowers, worship, The Divine,
How in Your plays, me passes my timeline,
How in Your charades, slight,
Me laughs, me giggles, me gets light
Amidst the dark that looms over Us,
How with my idle life, me does a search,

Through your copious endless ways,
How i, like an idolent boy, sings my days,
Through You, how i grow old,new also how i become,
How with you, i sit quiet, calmed.

(*Note : the photo poster as attached depicting Rabindranath Tagore and his different looks is actually a gift received by me, from a friend mine.)


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