Finding Thy Letter*

Finding thy letter*

Finding thy Letter
Written on thy day of birth,
Is like me looking at You,

How You had been so
Quiet yet erect,
What had made Thou so
So confident

How me, driven by naïveté
Find You as my fate,

How me, find you in letters
Words, hyphens, alphabets,

How me finds you in every step,
Whence i sleep, me finds You awake,

How me finds You  calmed
In my heart, whence me wakes. (*Note: the document attached is Tagore's own handwritten poem, dated 6th Day of May, 1941.

If one dares to transliterate/translate the poem/note as written by him , as attached might mean: "I am so much without me, on this day
Of my birth,
All I wish is to take, from friends mine,
Their hands, as touched, by mine,
All I wish is to take this mortal life's last potion of sweet wine,
As blessings of People.")


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