With glowworms, whence Me sleeps off*

With glowworms hovering around me,
A sleepy hollow of an Oak Tree
Whence come, beckoning me,
To the land of Poesy,dreams and wonders
Of Thine, Mother Earth, whence in the evening,
Slowly comes onto me, so descending,
How like Alice, me becomes a child,
And through the hollow so glowing
Me takes the descent into thy core,

There how wonders come into my dreams,
Pictures and paintings how all there merge,
Equations scientific too,
Spatial dimensions, how into my Soul
Get together, as me tries to put pied Beauty Thine, together,

Hath not Thou been so benign Mother,
Hath there not been evenings such,
By Peace of BEAUTY and Truth so entwined,
Never ever could've  i, felt on my skin,
A slight simmer of Thy shine,
O Thou Art so Divine,

Without Thou, who could have lived
And dyed so by thy fragrant love,
Thy sleepy hollow which, me , so Illumined,

Without Thou, there hath been no Womb
Of our rise, our living, our sustenance,
Without thy fertile green, had we lived or grown ,
Without thy seeds of Love, how we love had sown,

O Thou GODDESS , Artemis like,
How you come close, like a Dream happening,
Right before my eyes,
How i become little child Thine,
Drenched by thy Wisdom, thy Light, Thy Shine.

(*Note : upon a magical painting as Taken by me for this particular poesy, broadly based.)


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