Come, Aurora, come rising like a morn*

Come Aurora, like a morning,
In me as a rising to our LOVE,
Our awakening, welcoming the grand,
Come, morning dewy, as me, sees,
Oil upon canvas, painted by Francesco,
Come, You, Holy Light, out of mere fresco,

As rightly seen, by De mura, Solimena's pupil,
Come, You GODDESS, Diva of a Starlit sky,
Come to my heart, make there, by LOVE, seal'd,

Come, teach me thy stature as held Supreme,
Where upon that Italian Painter, leaned,
Burnt his all, energy, youth, life,
Come Aurora, as thy feet, lies The Prince of Troy,

Come, You the Illumined, without Ploy,
As in thy love, me gets shied, coyed,
Come, as de Mura made you , lovely so,
With angels covering You, cupid and his brothers,
Come, you , love, in my feathers,

Canst you see, la amore, how i, little mortal,
How in love Thine, fall, forever fall,

Come You, the morning dewy drenched one
With Your blinding searing shape, make me wet,
Moist as me begets, sinking into thy scape,
Come, Aurora, whence flowers art thou so decked,
Come, in blood mine, Thy Love, Thou spake.

(*Note : upon an Italian painting based, as once done by Francesco De Mura, who had been Solimena's Disciple. )


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