Ode To Ceres*

If Thou be
The Mother of Abundance,
Holy, as painted once by
Boullogne, as An Allegory,

You holding sheaf of corns and grains,
Thy children three feasting, drinking, gathering,
Living , blessed by Thou,
Just beside You,
And Thou always extending
Another, sheaf of corns,
For them, thy children,

Why not Thou,
Bless my country
And the World too,
So that none die
No child goes hungry,

Why not Thou
In this Beautiful Spring Summer,
Like that Allegory
As painted by Louis,
Arrive all over Us,

Whence Thou so arrive,
By some providence
Before my mortal meaningless eyes,
So wonderous, so beautifully emerge,
On a canvas so Huge and Vast.

{*Note : upon a painting loosely based, which was done with much hard work and devotion by Louis de Boullogne (1657-1733), titled "An Allegory of Summer", depicting Ceres, The Italian GODDESS of Fertility, Agriculture and Corns .
Incidentally it will not be irrelevant to think of this poem/scribbling as a Prayer to Divas of Abundance all,  like to Demeter, the Roman GODDESS of Fertility, agriculture, corns, and Annapurna, The Hindu GODDESS of corns, agriculture and abundance.}


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