Whence it blew *

Whence the breeze blew real hard,
Near that Tree, where went me, and dared
To face the squall and the falling leaves,
How with colors me got drenched,
How Dreams came to me real Dense,
And the umbrella which me held,
How it got upturned and me got failed
To stop me from getting blown and wet,

Whence the breeze came to blow me over,
How in painted rhyme me got my lover,
As if She was waiting for that to happen
To cause all leaves to fall , all of a sudden,

And i wondered, pondered and then did a jig,
"Whence it is blowin' hard, why do care for a fig?"
That's what my dame once to me whispered,
As the squall hit us, hit us really hard,
As i went there, near that Beautiful Tree,
Where my dame, i always found smelling like sea,

They had said, a storm, a squall, a gale had come,
They told us to remain indoors and hold our calm,
But whence it really blew that hard,
How could one keep one from that apart?

So like a beautifully painted scene
I went right up there where it did begin
To drop leaves with colors all over,
O how, there, spot on, how i met my Lover.

(*Note: based loosely upon a painting as attached. Courtesy : Sam Carlo)


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