One day, love, we will bathe there*

Oneday, love, we will there bathe,
You and me, there, not afraid,
Will take a plunge into the cool
Where from a height of only twenty two
Fall the waters forever, deep , foamy, we will there feel the thrill, Nature as for us
Does bring, we will there, oneday, be bare,
Naked will be us, leaving behind false
All prohibitions, artificial, made by fools
Like us, perhaps, not knowing how much
Wide and Vast, can be Our Mother's Canvas,

Oneday, la amore, We Will, by sheer poesy Make a dip, into that pool, twenty metres
Deep where at the bottom,(as they say, )
Lives a Holy Dragon, we will take a dive,
Mon dio, we will go down the surface,
Only to see for us, the diamonds and stones shining, there, and that Dragon will we face,

Surely, Amigo mio, if Thou come, and hold me
If Thou whisper thy Purest,  heartfelt words
Into my ears, egging me, softly, love mine,
Will i take a deep water Dive, into the waters,
Where from a height the flow falls,
Forever, eternal,
Into that stream, we will make a fall,
And love will , like Venus, come to us,
From those underwater shells and Oysters,

She will before us, surely emerge,
As we will make a plunge, into waters.

(*Note: the photograph attached, upon which the poem/scribbling is loosely based, is Taken by me, for poesy.
Courtesy : Jean Burke-Spraker, )


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