Whence Hylas came to The Lotus Pond*

Once after much persuasion
Hylas there came to,The Lotus Pond,
There, those water nymphs, who for Him
Always doth plead, tried to tempt Hylas,
Who , it seemed, as John William did think
Many Lotus bloomed, in their glory fullest,
There they Hylas' strength how tried, blessed,

Hylas, saw perhaps only the petals, soft,
And those leaves must have holden drops
Of dews and enchanting pearls , they hath been,
There before, right before His eyes, sparkling,
With the light from heaven there, they getting,

And how Hylas stretched His hands , Herculean,
As if , to pluck that eternal string
That binds them all into One Tune,
How Hylas there at the Lotus Pond,
His mighty Heart filled with compassion doth bring;

That overwhelming kind of an act of reaching
Out to the maidens angelic, bending down
To the water nymphs, how turned with ages
Into legends, myths, gospels, Truth covered
By words as spake the One , The Lord.

{*Note : the painting as attached had been done by John William Waterhouse , (probably in 1896), three years after he finished painting the Naias.
#Naias : the fresh water Nymph,(Greek),
#Naiades : the fresh water Nymphs,(Greek),
#Heracles : Hercules.
#Lotuspond : metaphor and symbol of Knowledge, Wisdom, Purity, Love, Devotion, Blessing,  Divine Love. }


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