If Spring is there*

If Spring is there*

If spring is there,
In paints and in the air,
Why not, love, Thou be
Ares, and bring thy Potence,
Which can only take one
To forests and barns, cottages
Of the country, so serene, pleasure filled,

If Spring is there
In painted canvas and in us,
Why not, Love, Thou be Ares,
Which can take one to thy bless,
To help one, to make us sunny,
Bright, never ending,
Taking that countryside ,
To that landscape and the road,
From hills to valleys to plains, winding.

{*Note : loosely based and inspired by a painting by Robert Vonnoh(1858-1933), titled "Spring in France", courtesy : Keith Linwood Stover, Iulia Gherghei}


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