Ode To Naias*

Out of waters
In greenery so draped,
Whence like a Otto Theodor painting
Thou rise,
Out of waters,
Algae all over You,

How i think of ponds and lakes
With Lotus blooming,
To Thy knowledge ,
me devotes me,

You, the Nymph of fresh water,
Pour on my Soul
O You, quencher of knowing
And forever knowledge so sowing,
Do come onto ignorant us,
As we in false idolatry our times pass,

Arrive Thou with Thy force
Thy liquid might
Which can mountains crush,

Come onto us,
As Thou stood,
In eyes and hands
Of Gustav.

{*Note : loosely based upon the painting as attached done by Otto Theodor Gustav (1856-1917).
#Naias : Nymph of fresh water.}


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