What Thou held in thy Face*

Whence by some
unequivocal providence,
By some wonder,
(Which me still Canst make out
Proper, how come You look
Like that, that look, that gaze...)
Me completely Bemused and amazed,
Try to find what Thou hath held
In Thy Wonderous Face,

How i go between thy two brows,
That empty space,
That place, so Pure,
Was that what Thou
Left for us , mortals, to adore,
Know not i, (that for sure,) But that Face Thine, how becomes
A candle, a lamp, a light,
For me, to find me,
There,  O You Ethereal Beauty,

There, how i find both You
And Ares too,
Persephone too,
How Bouguereau,
Really got You,

How he really got You.

{*Note: this poem/scribbling is based loosely upon the painting of Aphrodite's face by William Adolphe Bouguereau, (1825-1905).
The poem starts with the Face of Aphrodite and tends to move to the myth that links Aphrodite with Persephone over Adonis.}


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