Like Aphrodite, out of foamy sea*

If love, you come to the beach,
Out of foamy layers of my dreams,

If you really there arrive,
Where me sits usual, quiet,
Thinking of you, building castles
And sculpted designs, out of wet sand grains,
As me while away, times, grains of them,
If You , love, there turn up, same
As Mon amore, spelling me by Beauty Thine,
Thy auburn silky hair, spread like a curtain,
All over the boulders, rocks, shells,

If love, like Venus, you come,
Wonderous, like a Dream of my Love,

Straight from Mount Olympus,
You, the Queen of Heart,
Not like pandemos,
But as true, as
Urania thought of Thee,
Growing out of the Aphros
Of the mighty big turquoise Sea,

i will just stay up close to You,
Adorable You,
The Daughter of Zeus,
And into foams of waters
Wilt then i,
Get more,
Love mine,
Getting more into you,
La amore,
in painted dreams,
Will I get dyed.

(*Note : the painting attached is gifted to me, by a bud mine.)


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