On Aphrodite and Adonis*

How could Adonis ignore

Whence Aphrodite Herself doth come
To plead Him, not to go
Hunting, how could possibly,
Adonis, doth give a miss,
To Her pleadings?

But in His veins, didn't He get
What His Father held ,
Not to give in, not to yield,

Then ,
There had been The GODDESS
Of Love, at His Door,
(How could He , possibly
Her, requests, do ignore?) And those little children,
Hovering around them,
The Duo,
Didn't they all carry,
The messages of Love and Kindness,
Didn't they carry
Zeus's Bless,

How they also tried to stop
Him, Adonis,
And that Myrrh Tree,
So near to Them,
Providing a mute Witness
To Their Moment of Bliss,

How could really Adonis,
Aphrodite , ignore,
Whence She came
To His Door?

But then in the veins of His
There lied His Father's oath,
How could He, forget that,

How Persephone got into an act
Of taking Him to Her Place,
Placed right there, in Chest,

How could Adonis that forget,
How Aphrodite to Him doth plead
Not to go into a hunting spree,
With that muted spectator, The Myrrh Tree,
Standing there, quite, part of Vast expanse ,

 of incorruptible Forestry.

{*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, depicting Aphrodite and Adonis. The Myth surrounding Aphrodite, Adonis and Persephone, is put into the poem as a literary extension of the idea primarily  reflected in the painting, as there is no Persephone in the painting, as it seems. The Tree is interpreted by me, as the Myrrh Tree, so as to facilitate the incorporation of the Myth as mentioned.}


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