Thy Eyes*

Thy Eyes*

Whence You come
One eye covered by
A feather,
Another Open
To wonders,

How in You me finds
Awesome poesy
Uni~versal kind,

That takes to more
To You, where love yours
You with Benediction pour,

And i try to see,
Through your eye
The sky and the Sea,

Which makes one
More with Thy wonders
Musically entwined,

Looking at Eyes Thine
One covered by a feather
Of a Peacock, so Divine,
Is like rising to behold
How in You, you keep
Dews of Hope,
Unlettered, Untold,

Much like a breeze,
That doth create a sweep
A Feel, A rhythm, a seize.

(*Note: the picture attached is Taken by me, with the object of Sheer Poesy. Courtesy: Sam Carlo)


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