The Eternal Duo*

The Eternal Duo*

On glass as painted,
Is like going to thy abode
Eternal, by lilacs and roses
So scented, essence Thine
Duo, Love birds perpetual
How in me cause You a mural
As if me is taking to do some work
Of Art, (not as good as you do, sister)
As if me trying to gather, from You, the Master,
Of knowing how in thy Paradise,
Everything , every soul, dipped in dyes
Shines, glowing , taking away from us
All those little things that Canst never
Cause poesy, as if Thou plant in me,
A lovely pinkish landscape, Love,
How in me You the Omniscient, Omnipotent One, doth bring Peace of Doves,
Pigeons, sparrows too, there come,
To thy Abode, where Peacocks just unwrap
Their feathers going beyond time warp.

(*Note: the painting on glass as attached of Radha Krishna, is done by a student of mine, Anwesha Chowdhury Mitra, upon which this poem is partially based.)


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